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Rick Searfoss

Astronaut and Space Shuttle
Commander with three missions


"Even with all the energy the rockets which thrust the astronauts into space possess, the true, inspiring power of the Space Program lies in the performance excellence, teamwork, and collective vision of its people."

    Col. Rick Searfoss is a man who has actually done what most of us only dream of doing. He is not an actor or a facsimile; he is the "real thing." As an astronaut and Space Shuttle commander with three missions, Rick Searfoss shares with only a handful of people in history some of the most unique human experiences possible. In the seven years since his first space flight he has shared those thoughts, feelings, and valuable lessons with millions of people. Now that he has retired from the astronaut corps, Rick travels all over the country to fulfill his mission of sharing the vision and wonder of human space flight with audiences of all types, while at the same time providing pertinent down to earth lessons.

       Rick's flight career spans over two decades and includes experience as US Air Force pilot, flight instructor, and NASA astronaut. He has been awarded the Harmon, Fairchild, Price and Tober Awards (top overall, academic, engineering, and aeronautical engineering graduate), United States Air Force Academy Class of 1978. Air Force Aero Propulsion Laboratory Excellence in Turbine Engine Design award. USAF Squadron Officer's School Commandant's Trophy as top graduate. Distinguished graduate, USAF Fighter Weapons School. Named the Tactical Air Command F-111 Instructor Pilot of the Year, 1985. Selected for Outstanding Young Men of America, 1987. Recipient of the Air Force Commendation Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Defense Superior Service Medal, NASA Space flight Medal (3), NASA Exceptional Service Medal, NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal, and Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross.








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"...superb presentation, really made me feel what its like to be in space and understand how crucial teamwork is in space flight."

- American Society for Non-Destructive Testing

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