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Bob Sandford

Water Resources and Water-Related Climate Change Expert
Chairman, United Nations 'Water for Life' Initiative
The world's foremost expert on Canadian Rockies history


Bob Sandford has been exploring the nature, history and culture of the Canadian West for more than 30 years. The author of some 20 books on the nature of life in the West, Bob was also central to the development of sense of place-related regional planning strategies for the mountain national parks. Bob has also organized a number of very large heritage and natural history initiatives including the Year of the Great Bear and the United Nations International Year of Mountains. 

Increasingly Bob's work has focused on the issue of water - and its impact on our way of life on a global scale. Bob was chair of the United Nations International Year of Fresh Water and Wonder of Water Initiative in Canada in 2003–2004. At its biennial meeting in Ankara, Turkey, in 2004, the prestigious Rosenberg International Water Policy Forum appointed Bob to the permanent advisory committee, the first Canadian to be so honoured. In association with the University of Lethbridge and Alberta Irrigation Projects Association, Bob helped created the Western Watersheds Partnership which will aim to unify Canadian water interests in support of the United Nations “Water for Life” decade which was proclaimed globally on World Water Day on March 22, 2005. Bob is presently the Chair of the United Nations International Decade “Water for Life” in Canada, an initiative that aims to advance long-term water quality and availability issues in response to climate change in this country and abroad.

In his recent book Water and Our Way of Life, Bob reminds us of just how much water, in all of it's forms, contributes to our prosperity and to our unique way of life in Canada. Other publications written by Bob include: The Book of Banff, The Columbia Icefields, Canadian Summits, and Bruno Engler: A Mountain Life, as well as some 20 other titles.










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"Folks here are still agog over your terrific talks.  They think you are about the funniest man alive, as well as the wisest."

- Terrain Conference

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