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Dave Rodney

First Canadian to Summit Mount Everest 
on two separate occasions 


"I have learned that with teamwork, training, discipline, determination, the wisdom of the ages, the will of the gods, and a whole lot of luck... stumbling blocks can indeed become stepping stones."

How do you climb above the competition, and stay on top? How do you deal with change, risk, and other challenges, while remaining balanced and focused on your vision?  How do you plan effectively to achieve worthwhile goals that you can set, meet, and surpass? How do you increase confidence, and deal with “failure”? How do you build, lead, and maintain a positive, cohesive, enterprising team? How do you do this all of this, and more…and enjoy it

Mr. David Rodney will share with you the secrets of success he has learned in these respects while becoming one of the few people in world history to successfully summit Mt. Everest TWICE (in ’99 & ’01, with a broken back and re-constructed knee)! He customizes every presentation, tailoring his “Everest Education” to the “Everyday Everests” we all climb with our families and colleagues. His entertaining, empowering keynotes and workshops renew and refresh audiences everywhere.

Dave has earned 3 university degrees, worked in the 3rd world, served as an educator & administrator in 3 countries, and built his own business. In ’97, he delivered the first business/education website of its kind, direct from Mt. Everest. He is writing his new book “Dreams & Dragons:  Both Sides of Everest”, and is the subject of the upcoming pilot episode of “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives” and “Back to Everest:  The Dave Rodney Story”.

“Sherpa Dave’s” photography, videography, and written work have been utilized around the world, he has been interviewed across the globe, and he still takes time to “climb with a conscience”:  assisting in Celebrity Charity Events involving local, national, & international causes.  












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"Dave Rodney is best keynote speaker we have ever booked!  Each of us was on the edge of our seats during his presentation:  Dave’s stories, slides & video brought his adventure to life in a way I might never have imagined:  the impact & emotion actually made me feel as if I had been to the top of the world!  Thank you, Dave, for sharing special moments in your life with us, & relating them so well to our own personal & professional “Everyday Everests”. Your presentation is something I will never forget!"

 -   Elizabeth C. Griswold, President
National Bottled Water Association

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