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Professional Speaker Sharon Wood

Jake Norton

Summitted Mount Everest twice, from
both the Northeast and the Southeast Ridges


      "We all have Everests in our lives... financial goals, sales targets, sending our kids to college, running a marathon, or even climbing Everest itself. Goals, or dreams if you will, are the sparks that drive us in life, the catalysts for our highest pursuits."


Jake Norton has been a professional climber and guide since 1993, and has reached the summit of Mount Everest twice.  Additionally, his mountaineering exploits have taken him up Rainier more than 85 times, Mount McKinley twice, 16 expeditions to Nepal and Tibet (including five expeditions to Everest and two to Cho Oyu), five to the Peruvian Andes, 4 trips to the Alps, and 1 expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro.

Jake was a member of the 1999, 2001, and 2004 Mallory & Irvine Research Expeditions to Everest's Northeast Ridge.  These expeditions were featured in documentaries by NOVA, BBC, Soulstice Films, and numerous books and magazines.  Jake was the photographer and videographer for the 2002 American women's expedition and the 2003 Global Extremes: Mount Everest - the 4Runners of Adventure television series.  He reached the summit shooting still and video images in 2002 (Southeast Ridge) and 2003 (Northeast Ridge).

The Himalayan Region is Jake's second home:  He studied in Nepal for Seven months during his sophomore year at the Colorado College, and returned again in his senior year to write his Senior Thesis on an obscure syncretic tradition of Nepalese Buddhism (Newer Buddhism in Bhaktapur: Eleventh Century India in Contemporary Nepal).  Jake speaks fluent Nepali and is intimately familiar with the cultural nuances of the Himalayan Region.

Jake's world renowned photography has been published in Outside Magazine, National Geographic Adventure, Vanity Fair, and Forbes Global (to name a few), as well as countless books, newspapers, and online journals.  He has exhibited at the Colorado Fine Art Center, The Coburn Gallery in Colorado, and The Paul Mellon Art Center in Wallingford, Connecticut













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"Jake was unbelievable! I expected his talk to be fascinating and knew from talking with him he would be incredibly humble. I did not expect to be almost in tears here and there, on the edge of my seat half the time, elated, inspired, and just totally awed. The length and strength of the applause at the end indicates that everyone else felt the same way."

- Alison Chase, President, BTA/BOLT

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