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Richard Monette

Master and Student of Global Performance,
Author, and Keynote Speaker


"Eighteen holes of golf holds the potential to teach you more about your global performance than eighteen months behind a desk..."

Richard Monette leads a life dedicated to his passion: improving human and organizational performance. In aspiring to reach new heights in his own performance, Richard has developed credible expertise in leading others on similar journeys. His diverse clientele, spanning from world champion athletes to corporate CEOs, speaks to the universal application of his strategies. He teaches corporations and individuals to strive beyond the safe and familiar Ė to learn when challenge and risk are necessary and how to balance these with pragmatism. He helps his clients understand where their creative performance lies
and how to use it.

In a career spanning over twenty years, Richard has acquired extensive academic credentials and practical expertise in business, athletics, and education. A unique combination of skills and experiences has allowed Richard to create a universal framework for performance, particularly applicable to business. Richard Monette has a broad range of professional experience, working as a business strategist, corporate performance coach, sports psychology consultant to professional athletes and Olympians, author, and public speaker.

Richardís unique strategies blend creative and business expertise, challenging others to excel in areas such as leadership, sales, marketing, customer service and productivity, as well as life. With clients from world champion athletes to corporate CEOs, Richard's specific, motivational techniques are formulated to identify and develop existing talents while capitalizing on risk. Custom-tailored group facilitation and keynote presentation packages are available for teams and boards. Richardís consultancy InnerWarrior Consulting is headquartered in Banff, in the Rocky Mountains. Richard travels extensively, coaching on-site and leading off-site retreats and excursions internationally.














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"I realized Richard's presentation had connected with the participants but it was not until days following the staff golf tournament that I realized how much they took away from it.  While most golf tournaments are memorable for anecdotal golf tales, our event was much more valuable because days later staff members were still referencing keys learning from the presentation.

Richard exceeded the expectations of our management team by introducing an element of professional development that took a standard company golf day to a whole new level."

- Joyce Van Zeumeren
VP Marketing
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