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Michael Kerr

Speaker, Trainer, Interpretive Guide,
Communications Consultant


"Enjoy life - this is not a dress rehearsal!"

Michael Kerr is a speaker, trainer, interpretive guide, communications consultant and, as his business card says (so it must be true) - a nice guy. In his twelve years with the Canadian National Parks Service as Manager of Interpretation for Lake Louise, and as the Communications Manager for Banff National Park, Michael performed more than 1000 presentations, training sessions, natural history talks, and slide shows. He is the author of "When Do You Let the Animals Out", and is currently working on his second book "Living With Wildlife - Close Encounters of the Urban Kind"

     Michael has impersonated elk on CBC radios, pikas on the Discovery Channel, coyotes on MTV, and even a moose on CNN. In addition to his wildlife expertise, he is an avid explorer of the Canadian Rockies, a stand-up comic, and an amateur theatre actor. His presentations are delivered with passion, commitment and tremendous energy. Audiences appreciate his dynamic style and the practical information imparted during his talks. If you are looking for a truly memorable speaker, Michael Kerr is the perfect choice.






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"Mike was enthusiastic, focused, and attentive to our needs from the start of the workshop to the very end.  He amazed me!"

- University of Calgary

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