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In conjunction with the Banff Centre for Mountain Culture

Climbing Your Mountain of Change

With John Amatt and Bernadette McDonald


    An interactive Video Adventure in Personal Growth

Through unparalleled access to the video archives of the world-acclaimed Banff Mountain Film Festival and the library of the Banff Mountain Book Festival, John Amatt and Bernadette McDonald are able to offer you insightful workshops which investigate:


  • Creating the Vision

  • Calculated Risk-taking

  • Leadership

  • Team Dynamics

  • A Resolving Conflict


Using film and literature as the basis for 'real life' case studies, you will be immersed in unfolding drama on the world's highest peaks. Lessons learned by climbers, explorers and adventurers in the rarefied atmosphere of the Himalaya are skillfully woven into thoughtful discussion of issues that impact your performance in the workplace. The net result will be more effective "bottom line" performance and a more balanced lifestyle.

Follow the Australian team who first climb and then parachute off the vertical Trango Tower in Pakistan. Discuss the synergy that becomes possible when diverse skills are combined to create a joint vision ... manage risk ... and realize a dream ... in this heart-stopping adventure captured completely on film.

Learn about leadership, when tragedy unfolds before your eyes on the slopes of Mount Everest and the guide in charge has to make the hardest decisions of his life, under the most trying of circumstances and with completely irreversible results.

Investigate team dynamics through the writings of three climbers of the ill-fated Everest 1996 expeditions: Jon Krakauer's best-selling "Into Thin Air", Anatoli Boukreev's "The Climb", and Matt Dickinson's "The Death Zone".

This half-day workshop will be custom-designed to meet your specific training objectives and can be combined with a feature presentation of the "Best of the Banff Mountain Film Festival". The "Climbing Your Mountain of Change" workshop can be staged in-house, or at meeting sites such as the world-renowned Banff Springs Hotel, located in Canada's first National Park in the majestic Canadian Rockies.

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"The Banff Centre for Mountain Culture promotes understanding and appreciation of the world’s mountain places by creating opportunities for people to share – and find inspiration in – mountain experiences, ideas and visions."

- Mission Statement of the Banff Centre for Mountain Culture

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